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Outstanding Ukrainian Americans

  They say if you want to change your destiny you have to change the country you live in. A lot of Ukrainians due to political, religious and financial reasons immigrated to America, to that country that was wide, mysterious, but full of opportunities to make a fortune. 
Some of them made their dreams come true and with hard work, persistence and patience became well-known, rich and successful.
  Who are they? Who are all that Americans whose native country is Ukraine?  

Milla Jovovich

   Milla Jovovich is an American actress with Ukrainian origin whose name is well known not only in Hollywood, but in the whole world.
  She starred in the video game adaptation “Resident Evil”, acted alongside Bruce Willis in the science fiction film “The Fifth Element”, played the title role in “The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc”.  In addition, she is supermodel, musician and fashion designer. In 2003, she created the clothing line Jovovich-Hawk
Milla was born in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union, the daughter of Bogdan Bogdanović Jovović (a Serbian pediatrician), and Galina Mikhaylovna Loginova (a Russian stage actress). Milla often visits Kyiv and maybe you will meet her in the city centre and interview her. But at first, read about her on this sites:

Steve Ditko

  If any disaster happens, superhero will surely succour. Maybe in the real life it doesn’t happen, but in fairytales, films and comics it must happen all the time. Even if you don’t watch and read all foregoing you should know names of superheroes. One of them is Spider-Man, comics’ hero and movie of the same name. His father is Steve Ditko, an American comic book artist and writer. He was born in Pennsylvania in the family of Ukrainian emigrants.
   Read more about him and superhero Spider-Man here:

Andy Warhol (Andrew Warhola)

  An artist creates beautiful things. Sometimes it is hard to see beauty in the daily things and make of a tin a work of art. It was done by one man who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. His name is Andy Warhol. His works of art are sold for a fantastic sum with furious speed.
He was a genius and was born in Ukrainian (Lemkos) family in Pennsylvania.
  You can get to know about his work and pop art on these sites:

 Kvitka Cisyk 

She was an American soprano of Ukrainian ethnicity. Kvitka Cisyk, a classically-trained opera singer, successfully pursued a career in four different musical genres: popular music, classical opera, Ukrainian folk music and commercial jingles for radio and TV advertisements.
She won Oscar for "You Light Up My Life" (soundtrack for the movie) in 1977. She was born in New York, however, she was Ukrainian at heart and released two albums with Ukrainian songs: Songs of Ukraine (1980) and Two Colors (1989). This is strange, but she is better known outside Ukraine. However, a lot was done in her honour: a yearly music festival is held and a street was named in her honour in Lviv, Ukraine