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Children club "The American Dream"

Do you like dreaming?
Do you have a dream? Visit us and we will dream together!
From January 2011 new season of our club “American dream” has been started especially for you! 
Exciting meetings, interesting talks with adherents, new acquaintances, useful information about history, and traditions of the USA are waiting for you every Thursday at 15:00 (3 p.m.).
On our meetings you can get to know what the American dream is and what to do to make it come true.
In addition you will improve your English and enrich your vocabulary because every meeting we read English books!
Join us!

Basic topics 
January “Symbols of the USA”
You will learn symbols of the USA: state symbols (coat of arms, national anthem, flag, the Great Seal of the United States, the Statue of Freedom) and non-state symbols that we see in the streets, in markets and even at our homes!
February “The whole America has grown up in them!”: history of jeans
Do you know an advertisement slogan “The whole America has grown up in them? Do you know why they are promoted this way? During our meetings everyone can learn interesting facts about creating jeans and the reason of their popularity. You have jeans as well, haven’t you? 

March-April “Outstanding Ukrainian Americans”
In March and April all together we will search for information about outstanding Ukrainian Americans. It seems queer, but a lot of American artists, actors, writers, businessmen and patrons have Ukrainian roots. They made their American dream come true and we will get acquainted with them and get to know how they did it. 

May “Sing like Madonna”
We will get to know about intense life and secret of popularity of American singer Madonna in May. We will sing her songs and compete. Can anyone surpass Madonna? We will try to do it. 

September “Buck, greenback, grand and green: history of American dollar”
Why do we call dollar buck, greenback, beans, bones and 1 000 dollar is a Grand? Why two-dollar banknote values more than 100$ and who are all these people depicted on them? You will learn it on our September meetings and then you’ll impress classmates and parents with your erudition.  

October “Parents of the USA” 
How can the state have parents? Who are they and what have they done for the welfare of every American we will find out during our meetings in October. 
November “Grant Wood – favourite artist of Americans”

Every nation has its favourite artists. Americans have as well. His name is Grant Wood. We will learn how significant his masterpieces are in November.

December “Walt Disney is the best friend of children”
Dreams and wonders of American fairytales will come to light in chilly December. The window on marvellous world beloved by children and adults will be opened for us by a dreamer and an author of the fairy tales named Walt Disney.