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       The National library of Ukraine for children is a main children's library of Ukraine. It is national depositary of children's literature, scientific, reference-bibliographic, information and consultation centre for 1321 specialized children, near 22 thousand schools and nearly 18 thousand rural libraries, servicing children.
      Founded in 1967 year. In 1978 moved in the new premises, built on the special project.
Before October 2003 called The State library of Ukraine for children.
      Its collections number near 440 thousand copies of books, journals, recordings, compact-disks, film-strips and movies. Important component part of the library collections is a collection of obligatory copy. Its purpose is to collect and preserve for descendants with maximum fullness the whole repertoire books for the children, published in Ukraine. The collection of rare books, in which more than 17 thousand units of keeping - books and periodic publishing for the children are concentrated is unique.
      More than 18 thousand of children and specialists in the field of children's book and children's reading use library services annually. It is an organizing centre of children's leisure in Kiev. There are a free readers' associations on interest: puppet theatre, dramatic studio "Ovation", a connoisseur of Ukrainian art circle "Source", literary studio, circles of soft toy "Fantastic needle" and folk singing, fairy-tale drawing room "Come to the fairy tale" in our library.
      Reading common-rooms and subscriptions serve children from a preschool age and under 15. A specialized art department containing corresponding literature and audio-visual material is popular with readers.
       For readers onveniences an electronic catalogue divided into logical databases has been functioning since January 1993. The library keeps a conversion of old card catalogues. Bilingual polythematic thesaurus designed by the library specialists promotes the best opening of thematic contents. Each database document is assigned a number of thematic rubrics on natural language that considerably improved and increased a search possibilities of reference-bibliographic division.
      The library is carring out a significant publishing work: recommendation and information bibliographic indexes, methodical materials etc. are prepared. With the International "Renaissance" Foundation (foundation of George Soros)'s assistance the issue of lists of recommended books new type - on electronic carriers was adjusted in the library since 1997. The lists of best literature in Ukrainian and Russian languages are presented in the lists from collections of the library. Each list is accompanied by the illustration that takes into account the child psychology of text perception. Issues of varied themes: astronomy, ecology, geography, geology, zoology, botany have been already prepared up to the present day. They are prepared simultaneously in two versions: under DOS operating system and under Windows (in HTML-format, with the possibility of viewing a browser, that allows to use their as local, so and in network Internet).

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